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Hany is a success strategist, international conference speaker, and the President of Global Thrive Group, a research, training, and consulting company which equips political leaders with world class research and strategic spiritual intelligence to help them guide their nations to thrive.


His 24 years of work and studies in Global Affairs, National Identity Restoration, and Reconciliation coupled with his reputation for insightful and strategic counsel have positioned Hany as an advisor to presidents, prime ministers, and governmental candidates in numerous nations.


Four of Hany’s signature initiatives are the International Alliance for Peace & Security, Global Leadership Symposium (Prague), the Global Thrive Index, and the Global Intelligence Council. Since 2014, he has initiated and led two National Reconciliation and Transformation movements in Europe.

Ramses Girgis

Ramses Girgis is the Chief Strategy Officer of Global Thrive Group and a Strategic Leadership and Management Consultant. He has over 35 years of experience as an Engineer in the corporate telecom industry, serving in key executive positions in North America and abroad. His passion for Business Excellence led him to create the Business Excellence Operating System (BEOS), a Strategic Leadership and Management System that provides the foundations for any enterprise to thrive.

President and Founder
Jennifer Alexander
Executive Vice President
Jen white.png

Jennifer Alexander oversees all departments of the Global Thrive Group and Global Thrive Institute under the leadership of GTG President Hany Soryal.
Jennifer’s primary role is to align and equip the organization around the central values and priorities of GTG including providing strategic counsel, engagement with cross-cultural leaders, and development of initiatives and projects. 
Her 20 years of experience in leadership, cross-cultural communication and living abroad uniquely position her to work with an international team to create international impact. Not only does she have experience and training in business start ups and project management, she is also a seasoned conference speaker and lecturer who has provided training to thousands internationally. Jennifer enjoys fine dining, exploring new places and cultures, beautiful beaches and being on the boat.

Matthias Wagner
Matthias Wagner.png

Matthias Wagner is the Chief Research and Development Officer of the Global Thrive Index. He boasts 20 years of professional experience in Project Development, Business Consulting and Asset Management, and is sought after for the strategic thinking and analytic skills which enable him to bring structure and clarity to complex problems. Developing the Global Thrive Index combines all these skills with his  passion for history and geography and his lively interest in other cultures and international affairs. Matthias also loves to host dinner parties in his artfully appointed apartment in Prague, and has a knack for transforming run-down Real Estate into classy, upscale venues.

Sabina Bocková
Sabi white.png

Sabina is the Chief Coordination Officer of Global Thrive Group. Sabina is a contagiously joyful person and a powerhouse of creativity. When she isn’t coordinating our international trainings and conferences, you can find her creating gorgeous digital art and sending encouraging messages (or playful videos) to friends and acquaintances. Sabina loves to dance and is also a great photographer.

Eva Bradnová
Eva white.png

Eva is the Chief People Officer of Global Thrive Group. She excels in bringing breakthrough insights and understanding into situations whether they be in individual lives, businesses or national issues, and she raises the spirits of whomever she meets. She loves good food, is an amazing gift giver, and brightens the atmosphere with her laughter, encouraging spirit and love for people.

Zora Hornová
Community Manager
Zora white.png

Zora is the Community Manager for Global Thrive Group. The wisdom and steadiness she has cultivated in her nearly three decades as an adult education expert and her 10 years of experience as a certified life and group coach make her a treasured gift on our team. Zora has a green thumb, a keen wit, and loves cooking traditional Czech food.

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