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Now, more than at any other time in history, it is time for a company of world-changers to arise. Revolutions, new governments, tremulous economies, and shifting geopolitical alliances are creating times of uncertainty and unprecedented change. However, although the world is moving into uncharted territories, there has never been more opportunity for every nation to thrive.


Today, to effectively take part in the transformation of the nations, emerging leaders--like the Josephs and Daniels of old--are needed. They must examine the critical factors that facilitate or hinder a nation’s capacity to thrive, as well as understand the underlying architecture of the global systems shaping today’s societies. ​


The Global Thrive Institute’s immersive Global Leadership Symposium, situated in the heart of the historic city of Prague, challenges participants to develop a carefully considered and informed worldview while, simultaneously, immersing them within a vibrant learning culture that examines the dynamics of real-world challenges through formal instruction, dialogue, and practical case studies.


The symposium participants, a cohort of carefully selected, emerging leaders, will engage with and learn from established leaders and practitioners who are at the forefront of research, thought leadership, and strategic action in national and global arenas and will hone cultural agility necessary to become effective influencers in the governance, business, and civil society of today’s increasingly complex international system.


Immersed in this synergistic exchange among world-class speakers, subject-matter experts, and mentors, participants will enrich and expand their networks to include many other “Josephs and Daniels” —emerging and established— in diverse realms of influence around the world.

The Global Leadership Symposium is an immersive leadership training designed for the next generation of world leaders.


Prague, Czech Republic
Known to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Prague carries a unique fusion of ancient architecture, rich history, and modern reinvention. Historically known to be the heart of Europe, Prague is significant beyond its natural appeal. The meaning of the name ‘Prague’ is a threshold, which is defined as the entrance or start of something new. In keeping with its meaning, Prague was one of the first cities in the world to establish a university.  
As the capital of the Czech Republic, a nation known for its visionaries: Jan Hus, reformer, the Moravians, who revolutionized global missions, and Jan Amos Komensky, the father of modern education, Prague has always attracted world-changers who’ve gone on to shape the global landscapes for their generation and beyond.
The meaning of Prague, “threshold”, portrays her identity.
Truly, Prague carries a destiny for birthing new movements.


The event will be held in an excellent facility located in the heart of Prague. Local tourist attractions such as Prague City Museum (Muzeum Hlavniho Mesta Prahy), Prague Central Train Station (Hlavni Nadrazi), and Republic Square (Namesti Republiky) are not far from the venue. Also easily within reach are Municipal House Hall (Obecni Dum), Powder Tower (Prasna Brana, Powder Gate), and Prague State Opera.


We have carefully selected a venue that is centrally located and accessible by both public transport (metro, tram), and has access to underground parking, a rare commodity in the city center. It is in close proximity to a broad array of cafés and restaurants, bars, bakeries, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, gyms, and even a zoo!


The venue itself is spacious, elegant, and excellent in all regards.



Participants will be responsible for their own accommodations, however, we will soon be announcing a list of options for local accommodations including local dormitories and hotels.


Date Coming Soon                                                                                                                     

Welcome Reception:                                                           


Graduation Ceremony and Celebration: 



Rub shoulders with other emerging world leaders, and build destiny relationships. As well as having access to world-class instruction, you will become part of a global network of tomorrow’s leaders whose passion for change is substantiated by strategic action, and who carry the vision for the transformation of nations.


Among the invited speakers are political leaders, chief economists, presidential advisors, business leaders, and key thought leaders. Stay tuned for the announcing of our distinguished speakers. 



How can I be a source of positive change in the long-term transformation of the nations? 

What is at the core of the economic and government systems of a thriving nation? 

How can I run a thriving business?


How can I introduce strategic and proven methods of growth to the government?


These are just some of the many questions that will be tackled in this Global Leadership Symposium.


Participants will be immersed in dynamic teaching from our distinguished subject-matter experts, as well as applied and interactive learning through group discussions, collaborative assignments, and real-world simulations requiring students to problem-solve a global challenge.  


As iron sharpens iron, one of the most significant ways young leaders can accelerate their growth is through ongoing relationships and conversations with other students.  Therefore, a further goal of this symposium is to nurture a network of like-minded world changers out of which key relationships, friendships, and partnerships will emerge.

The key themes of our curriculum will include:



  • Sound Governance

  • Corruption Remedies

  • Political Philosophy and Thought Leaders         

  • The Role of Diplomacy in Global Peace and Security

  • Global Systems, International Relations and the Destiny of Nations  



  • How to Build Healthy Economies

  • Emerging Economies and Globalization

  • A Blueprint for a Thriving Economy



  • Business Excellence: What Every CEO Should Know

  • ABCs of Strategic Leadership & Partnerships

  • Spirit of the Entrepreneur

  • Running a Thriving Business



  • The Destiny of Nations

  • Building a Personal Foundation for Transforming Nations

  • Keys for Long-Term Success: Identity and Character

  • Transformation of Nations 


History is waiting to be made; that of nations, global systems, and of individuals. Take your future seriously by investing now in the training and preparation that will equip you to be part of shaping the destiny of nations.

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