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Now, more than at any other time in history, it is time for a company of world-changers to arise. Revolutions, new governments, tremulous economics, and shifting geopolitical alliances are creating times of uncertainty and unprecedented change, but although the world is moving into uncharted territories, there has never been more opportunity for every nation to thrive.


Behind the changes we are witnessing are men and women of influence. But how many of them are men and women of excellence like Joseph and Daniel? And how many of them are Pharaohs and Nebuchadnezzars, leaders established in positions of power, but who are in need of Josephs or Daniels by their sides?


What is our role, then? How do we engage with nations?



I was born and raised in Egypt. Poverty, oppression, discrimination and a corrupt, dictatorial

regimes were the hallmarks of my nation. Few young men had any hope of thriving. Fewer still raised their vision to hope for their nation. At eighteen years of age, I left the hopelessness of Egypt persuaded there was a better future. Little did I know that 25 years later, with an ocean between me and my native land, I would be leading the development of the Global Thrive Group, an organization whose mission is to help nations, like mine, thrive.  


Seven years ago, having spent the first half my life in a poverty stricken nation, and the second half in some of the most prosperous nations of the world, I could not help but wonder what causes one nation to thrive, and another to remain trapped in a cycle of poverty and corruption.


As I pondered these questions, I was prompted to examine the lives of Joseph and Daniel from ancient times. Joseph and Daniel were both statesmen. While Joseph was an economist and business administrator who, while in Egypt, saved the world from famine, Daniel brought strategic directives into the government of the Babylonian empire.


The two men shared three distinct characteristics:

1. Both understood the language of dreams.

2. Both exhibited exemplary purity and character.  

3. Both were well-learned in their domains of business and government.


I realized that I had pursued the first two characteristics of Joseph and Daniel, having spent 15 years training thousands of people in understanding the language of dreams and in developing character. However, unlike Joseph and Daniel, I knew nothing about politics, economics or the running of a nation.


It was back-to-school time. For five years, I read every book and article I could find, and took every course and seminar I could on global affairs, international politics, globalization, emerging economies, and history. During that time, I had the opportunity to interact with world leaders, individuals whose decisions and advice influence the destiny of nations and shape history. As I sat listening to one of the presidential advisors to Obama lecturing in my class during the beginning of the Syrian crisis, it suddenly hit me that the destiny of nations would be radically impacted by the advice given to Obama. Two questions in particular consumed my thoughts:


"What is the blueprint for a thriving nation?" and "Where are the Josephs and Daniels of today who carry strategic wisdom for the nations?”


I found no satisfactory answer to my first question in literature. However, as I began my personal study of the subject, I found the following answers: 


In order for a nation to thrive, transformation must touch every aspect of society, not merely individuals. 


It was this revelation for the nations that inspired the Global Thrive Index™.


When a nation aligns itself with these principles it thrives.  The Global Thrive Index™ is designed to be a comprehensive indicator that identifies the degree to which a nation is thriving and its capacity for further progress by measuring the extent to which it is aligned with the thriving blueprint. It will rank nations based on an aggregated, in-depth assessment of data in the ten key domains that have the greatest leverage to propel nations towards their full potential, and it will provide leaders with the insight and clarity necessary to enable their nations to thrive. 



















Three distinguishing characteristics of the Global Thrive Index™ are:

- It will provide a broad and interconnected evaluation of the ten key domains, aggregated in one composite ranking. This will provide a more complete picture of the state of a nation than an assessment of a single domain can do.

- It will consider "intangibles" such as the ethos of the nation, that takes into account critical wounds in the heart of the nation, major historical events and watershed moments that have significantly impacted national identity.

- It will evaluate the health of the nation’s relationships with other nations.   


The Global Thrive Index™ depends upon the collaboration between an international, interdisciplinary panel of experts and research fellows. The panel experts will establish strategic direction and overarching methodology to guide the research underpinning the in-depth assessment of domains. Research fellows will lead specialized teams in the compilation and analysis of national data within each domain.


This research will be used in a variety of ways, chiefly to position our consulting team with strategic insight to serve national leaders as they seek to implement reforms within the different domains of a nation.


The Global Thrive Index™ provides decision makers in governments and national institutions, intergovernmental bodies and even corporations with critical intelligence needed for effective leadership. But nothing is more powerful in the inner chamber of kings than a “destiny” understanding of a nation. Only Josephs and Daniels bring these. 


As I met with leader after leader, I discovered, to my amazement, that many executives have night-time dreams about many practical things concerning their business, such as how to expand, where to expand, who should lead, and how to manage the revenues. In addition, politicians also receive night dreams about their governments and about the future of their nations. When the meanings of their dreams are revealed to them, and they receive inspired application, they are able to take strategic action that is beyond the wisdom of their advisors. Such experiences give them the opportunity to adjust their course and to align themselves and their nations with specific directives.


More Josephs and Daniels are needed in every domain of society, to bring a thriving alignment and contribute to other leaders and nations. The mission of Global Thrive Leadership Institute is to help equip emerging leaders for this purpose. Having taken the the Global Thrive Leadership Institute to organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we are presently establishing two bases for the school, one in Europe and one in the U.S.A. We are also partnering with experts in multiple domains to expand our curriculum to include a thriving framework for the following:


  • Understanding the Art of Interpreting Dreams.

  • Strategic advice to the Government.

  • The Destiny of Nations.

  • Diplomacy and Foreign Relations.

  • Sound Governance.

  • Healthy Economies, Globalization, and Emerging Economies.

  • Political Philosophy and thought.


Are you one of the Joseph-Daniel world-changers? Are you an expert in your domain? Do you have a passion to help raise up emerging leaders and to see the nations thrive?


Nations are groaning to be released into their identity and destiny; to be ushered into the fullness of their potential; to thrive. Leaders are looking for men and women of wisdom to help them navigate today’s turbulent waters. National leaders are looking for those like Joseph and Daniel who are filled with excellence, character and expertise in their domain.  


If you would like to be part of this vision, or for more information, please

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